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Hi, I’m Ethan Chin

Welcome to Ethan Chin Photography! I am a travel and landscape photographer dedicated to photographing the beautiful natural landscapes of the world around me. In the process, I’ve gone on some pretty epic adventures.

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Ethan Chin riding bicycle on bridge

Cycling Down America for Photography

The biggest photography adventure of my life, so far. I was a broke, 18 year old college student with no car, but had a burning desire to travel across the United States of America and photograph the landscapes along the west coast.

Cycling the Canadian Rockies for Photography

The adventure that started it all. I had just graduated from high school and wanted to travel across the Canadian Rockies to photograph the landscapes, but I did not have a car or a driver’s license.

Ethan Chin riding bicycle on mountain road

[Ethan is] the most dedicated photographer I have ever seen. I have literally never heard of a photographer going to the same lengths as [him] for the shot!

– Quote from a message a follower sent me

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